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which are the new best software games for cell phones

Mobile games have grown to be popular among players and the latest and most popular of these games are designed to take advantage of the better drugs and faster devices and offer more fun than in the past.

Flappy Bird

Eventually exploded in popularity in February with this year and flappy chicken gradually gained popularity and was released in 2013. A week or two later the game was taken much to the dismay of the activities many followers. Remarkably, there was no reason for why the overall game was pulled or whether or not really a return of the lovely little bird will be back.

Third Eye Offense

The overall game is due out this spring.

Third eye offense personalities Rothko the Physic thief who has been jailed for stealing art. Naturally, he attempts to escape, using only his wits, stealth and physic power. He must escape without getting caught or getting shot. The entire game is defined against comic book style backdrops and scenery and a Jazzy blues sound track. Each stage has another entrance he has to escape through while avoiding all the protections seeking to recapture him.


Figure is just a story book puzzle form of game by which you’ve to change a number of comic book panels to be able to move the story along. The story line will be affected by the way in which you arrange the panels and obviously if you don’t make the best choices it might result in your death. There doesn’t seem to a start date set yet for this game going to cellular devices.

Jungle Rumble

Based On gamers Jungle rumble is really a mixture of Patapon and Donkey Kong jungle beat, just instead of big gorillas you’ve several cute little monkeys who need to secure their part of jungle against an invading horse family. This game requires a little sound and good listening skills while you should make use of the drum beat in the audio to flappy bird cheats simply help your horse family swing from tree to tree and throw coconuts in the other bunch of monkeys who wish to dominate the jungle. If you’d like to truly save your horse family’s residence from the invaders time is everything!



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